A Month in a Writer's Life

A Month in a Writer’s Life – July 2017

July went by so quickly, I hardly noticed it. Between taking part in the CampNaNoWriMo and my other projects, time
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Reading Books: to Finish or Not to Finish?

For a while now, I’ve been struggling to read more. Part of the problem is what I’ve written about before:
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banished game by shining rock software gameplay screenshot

Gaming Writer’s Saturday: Banished

I haven’t been playing many new games lately, and the one I seem to be coming back a lot is
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A Month in a Writer’s Life – June 2017

Another month went by, marking the half of the year gone. As usual, I had big plans and ambitious goals,
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Joanna “Melfka” Maciejewska
sci-fi and fantasy writer

profilepicA Polish national who spent a little less than a decade in Ireland, and now resides in sunny Arizona.
As a little girl she dreamt of becoming a ninja warrior or a witch but since she was never collected for training she studied hard and became a witch all on her own. So far no one has been brave enough to object, she has curses prepared should anyone try. Joanna writes fiction in both Polish and English and been published in both languages although she is still working towards seeing a book with just her name on the cover.
When not writing, Joanna reads, plays video games, table-top RPGs or does arts & crafts. She is also in the process of discretely growing her tea collection when her partner is not looking. She plans to have entirely claimed the kitchen before he catches on.