Gaming Writer’s Saturday: Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall

1More than video games, I love a good tabletop RPG game and in the past I used to play regularly (and still would if I had a chance), so I wasn’t unfamiliar with the name “Shadowrun”, though I never get to play the tabletop version, and when Shadowrun Returns emerged on the Kickstarter, I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t get the game until much later, when Shadowrun: Dragonfall was already out. A friend recommended it to me, so I purchased the bundle and found myself immersed in the dark and rich world of magic, technology, powerful corporations, and shadowrunners. More

Gaming Writer’s Saturday

1I’ve been a gamer for about as long as I’ve been writing stories. First on Atari XP, then on Intel 386, and finally on stronger PCs and laptops as well as game consoles. Whenever I need to relax a bit and I’m too tired to read, I switch a video game on. Games also help me when I search for inspiration, so it seemed like a good idea to share all the games that support my procrastination … erm, I mean my writing. These can be critically acclaimed and world-wide famous big games, little flash applications or classics only really old people remember. More

That Novel I’m Not Writing

ThatNovelThis post has been prompted by a chat with Meg Cowley (if you’re not following her on Twitter, let me fix that for you: @meg_cowley). We shared our experience of being immersed in the worlds we create and jumping between them, and the conversation steered toward one of my projects. Meg got curious, and I somewhat promised her more information on it. More

A Month of Writing – July

MoW-ENSummer is the time when people think of the sun, long-awaited vacation in some nice place and focus on relaxing if they can. Those of us stuck in the day jobs can only dream of the sea and beaches while glancing at the patch of the blue sky through the office window. And with the weather being moody this year in Ireland, I got my heat only from my projects, because July was quite challenging. More

Dragon Loyalty Award Blog Hop

Blog HopI visit Brainfluff, a blog by Sarah Higbee, quite regular (that is, whenever I have a moment and I remember to do so) to read her reviews and other thoughts. Sarah devours books with the speed that I could only match when presented with a box of Toffifee or other delicious sweets, and when she doesn’t write their reviews, she shares her poems or interesting content found in all the nooks of the Internet. She also is the person who nominated me to the Dragon Loyalty Award, suggesting between the lines that some fiery and winged consequences might be upon me if I decide to pretend I never saw her post, so I preferred to write this post. More

The Importance of a Satysfying Ending


Those who follow me on Twitter probably already know that I’ve finally finished Dragon: Age Inquisition. I’ve played the game quite extensively in February, and when it became clear I’m getting close to the end, I took a break, not ready to finish it yet. At the same time I was surprised with the main plot line’s length and complexity, or what I’d rather consider the lack of them. I usually don’t rush through the games, and even though I enjoy the story, the open worlds/areas push me to explore every nook and cranny, and interesting characters make me interact multiple times with every single one of them just to check if they have something new to tell me. Needless to say, my progression is quite slow and I enjoy it this way, so getting close to the main storyline’s end after roughly of 60 or 70 hours of mostly bickering about, came as quite a shock to me. More

Character Fan Art: Kamira

NewsENA week ago I posted on social media a rough sketch of Kamira, a character from my work-in-progress novel, “By His Will”, and a wonderful artist RoChou liked it enought to devote her time to creating her own vision of my grumpy mage. So hop over to her Deviantart site to see how she pictured Kamira and show her some love, because she did a great job.

Please note that although the link directs you to the character picture, if you decide to browse further through RoChou’s gallery, some of the content might not be safe for work.

A Month of Writing – June

MoW-ENJune has not only marked the half-way of the 365k Club challenge, but it also has turned out quite an interesting month writing-wise. As you already know, I’ve finished the first draft of my fantasy novel, so for the first half of the month my excitement of being so close to the end has fueled the word count.

Then I wrote the novel’s last sentence. And I felt lost. More

Melfka goes camping

Camp-Participant-2015I guess it had to happen some time, and I although I still claim NaNoWriMo is not working for me, I couldn’t resist Marie’s and Myk’s persuation, so I’ve signed up for July’s Camp NaNoWriMo. What finally convinced me, were the more relaxed rules of the Camp, allowing to pick one’s word count and not limiting the choice to a novel. Of course, I could just insert 31 000 words as my goal to match the 1000 words daily I write for the 365k Club challenge, but that would feel like cheating, so instead I decided to take advantage of Camp’s rules that allow to pick editing instead of writing. More

Guest Post on 10 Minute Novelists

NewsENKatharine Grubb from 10 Minute Novelists invited fellow writers to parcitipate in the “Why I write” series this month, and it’s been my pleasure to write a post for her, so if you’re curious on my thoughts on fantasy, hop over to the page and read my “Fantasy: The (Not So) Easy Genre“.

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