Gaming Writer’s Saturday: The Flame in the Flood

Gaming Writer's SaturdayThe Flame in the Flood was one of the games I found through The graphics looked interesting, and so did the game play featured in the trailer: sail your raft, craft all the necessary items, and survive the wilderness. How could I resist this game for long? Continue reading “Gaming Writer’s Saturday: The Flame in the Flood”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – April 2017

Where did a whole month go? I could swear it was the beginning of April yesterday, and today it’s May already. April can be quite a busy month, with Camp NaNoWriMo, A to Z Challenge, and other online challenges (like the Twitter game #WIPJoy), and of course, I felt tempted to take part in all of them. But my voice of reason have been already whispering that I had added too many things to my daily schedule already, so with a heavy heart, I decided to cut on anything I could. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – April 2017”

13 Facts About My WIP

Back in December I took part in a fun Twitter game which required posting a graphic saying “1 Like = 1 WIP Fact”, and as you can guess, as the likes for the tweet appeared, its author was supposed to post facts about their work-in-progress. I had fun, and got 13 likes, a result I was quite happy with: it gave me enough space to shares some interesting bits of my fantasy novel “By the Pact”, but at the same time it didn’t require me to reveal any plot twists or character secrets.

And today, looking back at it, I thought it would be nice to consolidate all those facts into one post. Since I’m not limited by one tweet anymore, I also elaborated a bit on them. I hope you’ll enjoy. Continue reading “13 Facts About My WIP”

Writing Is Much Like Learning To Drive

I never had the need of learning to drive. Poznań, my hometown in Poland, has an excellent public transport network, and when I moved over to Ireland, I couldn’t afford a car. Also, with the narrow and always jammed streets of Dublin, it seemed better to just search for an apartment near my workplace and walk to work. But moving over to the USA and living at the very edge of the town meant I would finally have start driving.

After waiting for my residency to be sorted out, I got my driver’s permit, and started getting familiar with the “controls” of the new game called “driving,” but it wasn’t until later I found similarities between learning to drive and writing. Continue reading “Writing Is Much Like Learning To Drive”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – March 2017

Before I even realized, another month passed by. After not so positive February, I was hoping to catch up with my projects, finish things from my to-do list, and be generally more productive than I was. How did it go? In short: not bad, though definitely not as well as I hoped for. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – March 2017”

What’s Your Writing Superpower?

Some days ago I came across a meme I’ve seen around several times already. It said “Reading is my superpower. What’s yours?” and it got me thinking about a Superhero Writers group. Classy outfits like old jeans and t-shirt, hipster vintage clothing, or good ol’ pajamas aside, superheroes had to have some sort of superpowers. We all read, so unless we’re going to compete in the amount of books read or reading speed, we need a different kind of superpowers: the writerly one. Continue reading “What’s Your Writing Superpower?”

Gaming Writer’s Saturday: Stardew Valley

Gaming Writer's SaturdayEven though my favorite video games are the ones offering rich stories and immersive worlds, I also like to play managerial games from time to time as they provide unique challenges, encourage planning and problem-solving. So every once a while a managerial game sucks me in for long hours, and this time it was Stardew Valley’s turn. Continue reading “Gaming Writer’s Saturday: Stardew Valley”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – February 2017

After a very bumpy January, I was hoping for a much better February. I planned on catching up with everything that fell behind, and was quite optimistic about it. I don’t know whether it was the winter aura lowering my mood or the stress of the previous month still lingering, but the start of the month was quite slow. I didn’t get sick, but my health definitely seemed a little bit worse (with some random pains disturbing me), and on many days I’ve found myself tired or sleepy which wasn’t helping my motivation. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – February 2017”

Grand Canyon Trip

I hope you enjoyed reading posts in my Birthday Week series. I promised that at the end of it I’d share the story of my trip to Grand Canyon. I took over 200 pictures, and then managed to cut down the number to 70, and then, I trimmed it to little under 57. It’s going to be hard to put them all in a blog post, so with a heavy heart, I picked 24. I hope you’ll enjoy them. Continue reading “Grand Canyon Trip”

Melfka’s Birthday Week: The Dancing Klutz

Welcome to my Birthday Week during which I post random, interesting or embarrassing facts about myself. If you missed the yesterday’s introductory post, you can find it here. Today, though running a bit late, I’m going to tell you about the less glorious side of being Melfka: being a Klutz. Continue reading “Melfka’s Birthday Week: The Dancing Klutz”