Love Your Writing: a Writer’s Self-care at 10 Minute Novelists

Like every 4th Friday of the month, I have a guest post at 10 Minute Novelists. Today I’m writing about how important it is to love your writing.

It might be in human nature to love perfect things, but beauty also lies elsewhere. You can find it in the unique imperfections, in the things that you have a personal connection to, in the things that evoke strong feelings, making you laugh or cry. Your writing, if you give it a chance, ticks all those boxes. Then why not love it, even if it’s still need some work?

If you’re a writer who’s at time struggling with their motivation, self-doubt, or other writing-related griefs, hop over to 10 Minute Novelists and… love your writing!

Love Your Writing: a Writer's Self-care

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