Karel on the Other Side: the Origin of a Story

In the Origin of a Story series I’ll be sharing insights of how some of my stories came to be. What inspired them, and what kind of process followed it. All of that spoiler-free, so you can still enjoy the story if you didn’t have a chance to read it yet.

This time I’ll be talking about a cyberpunk short story, Karel on the Other Side. It’s been published in the third volume of The Worlds of Science-Fiction, Fantasy & Horror anthology. The ebook available for free on Smashwords, and the paperback—from Amazon. Continue reading “Karel on the Other Side: the Origin of a Story”

Watching Novels: Thoughts on Book Adaptations

Sometimes, when one looks at Hollywood’s movie repertoire, it seems all they film are remakes and book adaptations. Some people cringe, hoping for more original content and fresh stories, and as much as I’d love to see those as well, I do have a spot for book adaptations. There’s something enchanting in seeing the story I loved (or at least enjoyed) envisioned by someone else. It’s almost like sharing thoughts on a book and learning someone else’s perspective. Continue reading “Watching Novels: Thoughts on Book Adaptations”

Two Stories of Mine in a Polish Anthology

Yesterday was the release day for a Polish anthology, Memento. Opowiadania o życiu i śmierci. (Memento. Stories About Life and Death) by RW 2010 Publishing House. Inside, you can read not one, but two of my stories. Bębniarz pana Roache (Mr. Roache’s Drummer) addresses the theme of death in a quasi-steampunk setting, while Siedem procent szans (Seven-Percent Chance) deals with living.
Continue reading “Two Stories of Mine in a Polish Anthology”

3 Interesting Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies

We all hear about blockbusters like Avatar, Lord of the Rings, or movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some are great, some meet our expectations, and some are just entertaining enough to ignore their shortcomings. There are many sci-fi and fantasy movies that any fan could readily name. But what about the less known titles? They aren’t necessarily worse, and sometimes they offer some fresh ideas, because they aren’t bound by the blockbuster requirements of how the story should be written.

I’m sure there are many great ones out there, but today I’d like to share three that I really liked. They aren’t without flaws, and they aren’t the most recent blockbusters, but they all provide decent entertainment and some inspiration too. Continue reading “3 Interesting Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies”

All the Novels I Write

all-the-novels-i-writeEven though I usually end up focused on one project at the time, it’s never the only one that is brewing in my head. I’ve mentioned before I usually have several projects going, in different stages of (de)composition, as this is my way of escaping the dreaded writer’s block. If one project feels tiresome or boring at the time, I can always jump into another one and get my writing momentum back. Continue reading “All the Novels I Write”

5 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Animations Worth Your Time

5 Speculative Short AnimationsThe life of short films tend to be as long as they are: they flash into existence, and then disappear in the daily stream of the new information, events, and videos. Some get into the limelight when they become viral or are lucky enough to be among the Academy or other award nominees, while others fade even though they deserve attention too, some of the masterpieces of animation, storytelling or evoking emotions.

I’m not on top of every new release, I don’t follow every news, and I’m more likely to stumble upon interesting titles on random websites, forums, or via friends’ recommendations, so I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of interesting projects. Others I’ve forgotten or they simply didn’t strike the right chord to make it to the list below.

But I dare to call the 5 short films I mention here as my favorite ones. I come back to them every once a while, and they not only show the best what this form has to offer, but also spark my writer’s imagination and inspire me to create new stories. Continue reading “5 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Animations Worth Your Time”