“Foreigners in Dialogues” at 10 Minute Novelists

Last month I shared the news of joining the 10 Minute Novelists blog team. My first article was about Foreign Phrases in Your Novel, and today I’m sharing more insights on writing foreign characters. This time you can find suggestions for writing foreigners in dialogues and how to reflect their struggle with English.

If you want to learn more about how to mess up the characters’ usage of English, head over to the 10 Minute Novelists website and check out How to Write Foreigners in Dialogues.

How to Write Foreigners in Dialogues


3 Reasons Why I Love Doing Research

In the past, I wrote on the importance of researching facts for your stories (if you missed it, you can read my Research Matters: Why I Don’t Read Novels Set in Ireland post), but the process itself can be time-consuming, tedious, and sometimes disheartening, if despite our efforts, we still can’t find the answers we need.

Research can also become a black hole of information, dragging the poor, unsuspecting writer deeper and deeper.

Sounds like a hassle, doesn’t it? Something to be put away until absolutely necessary or done as little as possible. But there’s also a lot of fun in doing research! Here are my three reasons. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why I Love Doing Research”

Research Matters: Why I Don’t Read Novels Set in Ireland

Last year I had a chance to read a series of urban fantasy novels set in Ireland. I did it partially by my friend’s recommendation, and also as a part of my own comparative research for the novel set in Dublin I’ve been working on. And even though I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the story, reading each chapter of these books made me die inside a little. Continue reading “Research Matters: Why I Don’t Read Novels Set in Ireland”

Fantasy: The (Not So) Easy Genre

Fantasy- the (Not So) Easy Genre (1)Everybody says that writing fantasy is easy. You don’t have to do research, and you can create just about anything your imagination conjures. It’s all inexistent anyway, right? As a writer of speculative fiction, both fantasy and science-fiction, I can say from my experience: quite to the contrary. I think fantasy is one of the most difficult genres to write. Continue reading “Fantasy: The (Not So) Easy Genre”