Pride and Prejudice and Other Classics I Didn’t Read

Some time ago, I stumbled across people discussing some reference to Pride and Prejudice. To my surprise, one of the points raised was that one cannot consider oneself a book-lover if one has not read Pride and Prejudice. That gave me a pause. I definitely consider myself a book worm, but at the same time, I haven’t read anything by Jane Austen. And come to think of it, I haven’t read a bunch of other books considered classics either.  Continue reading “Pride and Prejudice and Other Classics I Didn’t Read”

Becoming a Beta Reader, Becoming a Better Writer at 10 Minute Novelists

This month at 10 Minute Novelists, I talk about how becoming a beta reader for other writer can make someone a better writer.

If you look up online advice for writers, you’ll likely find a mention of beta readers and how crucial they are for improving one’s writing. Yet, with all the emphasis out there on finding a beta reader or ten, there’s very little said about how being a beta reader improves your own writing.

So if you never thought about becoming a beta reader, hop over to my guest post. Continue reading “Becoming a Beta Reader, Becoming a Better Writer at 10 Minute Novelists”

The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – April & May

The Wordwitch

The post-move turbulence affected the Wordwitch as well, and even though the pictures appeared regularly on social media, I missed the April compilation. But nothing’s lost! This month, in return, you get a double amount of the pictures. I hope you’ll enjoy them! Continue reading “The Wordwitch: A Writer’s Life in Pictures – April & May”

Dear Book, I Want to Fall in Love with You…

Dear Book,

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen in love with a novel, so I’m really looking forward to you being my next love.

It’d be so perfect! I’d re-read you over and over again. I’d tell my friends about you. And I’d re-read you once more then, because you would be so worth it! I wouldn’t even care if you had beautiful and enchanting style. Your words could be simply entertaining, and I’d love you all the same. Continue reading “Dear Book, I Want to Fall in Love with You…”

Watching Novels: Thoughts on Book Adaptations

Sometimes, when one looks at Hollywood’s movie repertoire, it seems all they film are remakes and book adaptations. Some people cringe, hoping for more original content and fresh stories, and as much as I’d love to see those as well, I do have a spot for book adaptations. There’s something enchanting in seeing the story I loved (or at least enjoyed) envisioned by someone else. It’s almost like sharing thoughts on a book and learning someone else’s perspective. Continue reading “Watching Novels: Thoughts on Book Adaptations”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – January 2018

January meant entering the fourth year of the writing challenge, and I even though I have my routine sorted already, I couldn’t resist joining again. 365 Writing Club does miracles when it comes to accountability. This year’s theme is “The Daily Writer”, focusing back on building the habit to write every day, and even though last year I missed only 4 days, I decided I could do better. Did I manage? Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – January 2018”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – October 2017

I look in the calendar and can’t believe October is already gone. It was a bumpy and uneven month in many aspects of my life, but all in all I can’t complain about it. An anthology with two of my stories had its launch day, I managed to keep writing daily, and I launched my Facebook page. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – October 2017”

Being the Reader I Used to Be

I’m not the reader I used to be. Ever since I stopped being a student, I struggled with reading as many books as I did in my youth. Partially it was because of my limited time: I didn’t have gaps between lectures or workshops to fill with reading. Being employed full time meant 9 hours a day at my workplace. After that, I had to take care of my food and house chores. It was also the fear of losing sleep over a book – something I confessed to two years ago, and something I couldn’t afford being an employee. But lately, I realized the problem is more complex than just less time to read. Continue reading “Being the Reader I Used to Be”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – August 2017

August was another month that whizzed by faster than a speeding car. I found myself torn between taking it easy after the Camp NaNo’s final rush, and keeping the general progress, so I finally settled on writing three short stories I’ve been meaning to get ready. It seemed like a reasonable goal, but things didn’t go exactly as planned. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – August 2017”

Sex Scenes: How Did It Happen?

I read sex scenes for the first time when I was about 11.

It came at me quite unexpected, in the Arabian Nights book which I bought for my own pocket money. The Polish title of the book that could be translated as “The Tales of One Thousand and One Night” promised me exotic fairy tales from the lands of sand and sun. I was prepared for them to be dark, maybe even cruel sometimes, as I was very familiar with Brothers Grimm tales and works of Hans Christian Andersen, but I wasn’t prepared for sex scenes. The description was very vague and brief, but for a girl who already knew what was what it seemed pretty obvious what the sentences were talking about. Continue reading “Sex Scenes: How Did It Happen?”