A Month in a Writer’s Life – October 2018

As the year comes close to an end, I feel like I’m finally regaining my footing. I never expected that the move across the States that happened back in March would affect me so much and for so long, but it also came with a few other changes in my life, including starting to work more intensively as a freelancer. So the process of “getting back to the routine” was constantly disrupted, and whenever I felt like I was just getting there, something else came up. I’m still behind a few things, and I have little hope to catch up, but I’m doing my best moving forward. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – October 2018”

NaNo or No-No?

Every year, when November draws near, I sit back and watch the cheerful madness unwind. As National Novel Writing Month approaches, it seems like everyone’s doing their “NaNo-prep”, making sure they’re ready to hit the ground running as soon as the last minute of October passes.
And every year so far, after some thought and consideration, I decided it wasn’t for me. Even though it left that “alienated” feeling when your Twitter explodes with celebrations of writing progress and desperate scrambling for words, I preferred my own year-long challenge with the 365 Writing Club. Continue reading “NaNo or No-No?”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – September 2018

Another month bites the dust, getting us closer to the end of the year. It’s been another strange month. I haven’t done as much as I had hope to, but at the same time, many things saw slow and steady progress, making me hopeful for the future. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – September 2018”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – August

August turned out a very weird month, riddled with both expected and unexpected distractions. As if life had figured out that since I had finally started to settle after the move and get back to my routines, it was time to spice things up a bit. Or maybe a lot. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – August”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – July 2018

As months continue to dash toward the end of the year, I’m back – yet again and seemingly way too soon – with my regular report on my writer’s life. The memories of my move across the States slowly fade, and I find myself rebuilding my routines. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – July 2018”

To Conquer the Sea: The Origin of a Story

In the Origin of the Story series I’ll be sharing insights of how some of my stories came to be. What inspired them, and what kind of process followed it. All of that spoiler-free, so you can still enjoy the story if you didn’t have a chance to read it yet.

Today I share the process behind my post-apocalyptic short story, To Conquer the Sea. As you will see, it traveled quite a lot publication-wise, but it’s now available on my website. Continue reading “To Conquer the Sea: The Origin of a Story”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – June 2018

It seems like forever already since I moved to Virginia, but only now I finally feel that my mind and life are settling back into a routine. After rather perilous two months, I welcomed some steady productivity and progress, especially in my writing, even if it wasn’t as fast as I’d hoped to. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – June 2018”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – May 2018

Another month sped by me. If there was a time police, it would have gotten a ticket for reckless driving for sure. In comparison to the super-crazy March and April, May was the time of slowly settling down and checking whether my routine survived the turmoils of the “grand move”. Yet, after two months of struggling to keep going in a somewhat organize manner, I wasn’t about to exhaust myself even more and chose a slower pace instead. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – May 2018”

A Month in a Writer’s Life – April 2018

A month in a writer’s life seems like a significant amount of time. Yet, when I blinked on the first of April, the month was suddenly coming to an end already. Even though we unpacked and settled in fairly quickly after our move across the continent, April was far from being back to the routine. I wasn’t overly busy, but the mind space needed to sort out all the bureaucratic problems that arose over time consumed a lot of my focus. It’s enough to say that swapping our driving licenses, a task that should have taken us one visit to DMV, took a month, multiple visits, and was only resolved because of… Twitter. Other issues might not have been that time consuming, but they did contribute to my general lack of progress this month. Continue reading “A Month in a Writer’s Life – April 2018”

“When You Shouldn’t be Writing” at 10 Minute Novelists

Recently, 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group was named among “10 Favorite Facebook Groups for Writers” by ProWritingAid. As I contribute to the group as an Admin, it was great to see it listed.

Meanwhile, last Friday my newest guest post appeared at 10 Minute Novelists website. We all know those memes that tell us in so many ways that we should be writing. But what about the times when… we shouldn’t? If you’re wondering whether your procrastination is only a sign of a bigger struggle, check out When You Shouldn’t be Writing. Continue reading ““When You Shouldn’t be Writing” at 10 Minute Novelists”