7 Gift Ideas for Writers at 10 Minute Novelists

As on every fourth Friday of the month, I have a guest post at 10 Minute Novelists website. Today, aligned with the Black Friday madness, I’m sharing 7 Gift Ideas for Writers, so check it out if you’re looking for inspiration.

7 Gift Ideas for Writers

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“Foreigners in Dialogues” at 10 Minute Novelists

Last month I shared the news of joining the 10 Minute Novelists blog team. My first article was about Foreign Phrases in Your Novel, and today I’m sharing more insights on writing foreign characters. This time you can find suggestions for writing foreigners in dialogues and how to reflect their struggle with English.

If you want to learn more about how to mess up the characters’ usage of English, head over to the 10 Minute Novelists website and check out How to Write Foreigners in Dialogues.

How to Write Foreigners in Dialogues


Two Stories of Mine in a Polish Anthology

Yesterday was the release day for a Polish anthology, Memento. Opowiadania o życiu i śmierci. (Memento. Stories About Life and Death) by RW 2010 Publishing House. Inside, you can read not one, but two of my stories. Bębniarz pana Roache (Mr. Roache’s Drummer) addresses the theme of death in a quasi-steampunk setting, while Siedem procent szans (Seven-Percent Chance) deals with living.
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Joining the 10 Minute Novelists Blog Team

As some of you might already know, I’m one of the Admins in an awesome Facebook group, 10 Minute Novelists. The group gathers over 8,000 writers from across the world, ranging from complete beginners to published authors. I also participate in and help to administrate the 365 Writing Club, a year-long challenge for the group’s members.

And now, I’m happy to announce I’ll be joining the 10 Minute Novelists blog team. Each month I’ll be sharing an article on writing craft and related topics.

In my first post, I’m writing about adding foreign phrases to your novel, and how to get them right. So if you have any foreign language speakers in your work-in-progress, head over to the 10 Minute Novelists website. And while you’re there, be sure to check other great articles on writing, publishing, and marketing.

My story in “Phantaxis”

newsThis month’s issue of “Phantaxis”, a science fiction and fantasy magazine features my fantasy story “The Arcanist and the Mage Killer”, which is set in the same world as my work-in-progress novel, “By the Pact”, and features the same protagonists.

The magazine is available on Amazon, both as a paperback and an ebook, and via many other online retailers. Continue reading “My story in “Phantaxis””

“To Conquer the Sea” available on the website and on Wattpad

newsAnother short story is now available in the Read Online section. Set in a postapocalyptic world, “To Conquer the Sea” (available both in English and Polish) tells a story of a young man who sets out on a journey to the mysterious Sea-the worship around had killed his mother, and he’s trying to understand it. He doesn’t suspect that meeting a mysterious man in the wasteland will not only change his life, but also the world.

“To Conquer the Sea” is also available on Wattpad if you prefer to read on this platform. Continue reading ““To Conquer the Sea” available on the website and on Wattpad”

Short story available on the website and on Wattpad

NewsENAs you might have noticed, a new section is now available on my website. Read Online is a page listing short stories and other works you can read directly on my website.

The first text I’m publishing is “Miye’s In” – a fantasy story set in the secondary world, in which colonists struggle to survive on the new continent, fearing monsters’ attack, while one girl fall sick with a mysterious disease.

“Miye’s In” is also available on Wattpad, if you prefer to read on this platform. Continue reading “Short story available on the website and on Wattpad”

Changes on Melfka.com

NewsENIf you’re visiting the Polish version of my website, you might have noticed there haven’t been any blog updates since the beginning of 2016, while the English version posts kept being published.

I’ve made a decision to cease the translation of the posts into Polish, as it often messed up my schedule and resulted in a rushed translation which I wasn’t fully satisfied with. And since most of my visitors chose the English version, maintaining the Polish version of the blog seemed a bit pointless.

The Polish version of the website will still have all my publishing/releases information available, in the new tab called “News” (also available in English for those who’d rather skip my personal rants), and the personal blog posts will be in English only, and on a separate subpage. Continue reading “Changes on Melfka.com”