A to Z Challenge: G is for “Ghostwritten”

During the A to Z Challenge I’m writing about books that were important to me in some way, and the letter G is not for the ghostwriting business, but for a book titled after it… Though it’s not about ghostwriters, and by its end, the title reveals its meaning. But shhh! I’m not spoiling it.

A to Z Challenge: F is for Fairy Tales

As you probably guessed already, today’s post in A to Z Challenge won’t be related to one particular title, but rather to a genre that just might be the most popular one in the world: fairy tales. Whether written down or spoken, they accompany us since childhood, since we’re able to understand the words, and are a worldwide phenomenon: every culture, every tribe has their tales.

A to Z Challenge: E is for “Enemy Mine”

For my A to Z Challenge, I’m going back to books that influenced me in some way or left an unforgettable impression, and for letter E I struggled to pick one title out of the three that readily came to mind. The decision turned out to be quite tough, but once I realized I might mention two of the titles in my other posts, I was left with just one book, or rather a novella, which I’ve read only once. And it was over twenty years ago.

A to Z Challenge: D is for “Diaries of Adam and Eve”

The fourth entry of my book-related impressions and memories in the A to Z Challenge, I have a little gem. A little, because the book itself is very short, but it’s still one of the reads that stayed with me for a long time. I’ve known Mark Twain as the creator of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, sadly not because of the books he wrote, but thanks to the anime series shown on tv. Later, I’ve read the book later, but I can hardly remember my impressions about it. I think I liked it. It was only in high school, …

A to Z Challenge: C is for “Count of Monte Cristo”

For the letter C of the A to Z Challenge I had a difficult choice to make. On one hand, I had the Count of Monte Cristo, a nobleman with a mysterious and painful past, on the other, Conan the Barbarian, a warrior in a classic tale that started the fantasy genre. But since I’ve already mentioned Conan in last year’s Myk Book Tag, I decided to give this post entirely to the count, or rather, to the book that tells his story.

A to Z Challenge: B is for “Blindsight”

For today’s A to Z Challenge and letter B, I have my impressions about “Blindsight” by Peter Watts. I came across this book thanks to Uczta Wyobraźni (The Feast of Imagination) great series by a Polish publisher, featuring most interesting, imaginative, and original writers of the contemporary speculative fiction. My acquaintances and friends kept telling me it’s brilliant and fresh, but they often quietly added the “challenging” part. I had no choice, I had to read it, and see for myself.