My story in a Polish anthology by Esensja magazine.

With pleasure I’d like to announce that my story, “Kot na sznurku” (“Cat on a string”) was published today as a part of anthology prepared by Esensja magazine. The collection (named “Kot na sznurku” after my story) will be available as an ebook for all the supporters of the magazine and will contain stories by authors who have previously published in Esensja, including traditionally published authors like Michał Cetnarowski, Michał Cholewa, Paweł Ciećwierz, Agnieszka Hałas and Grzegorz Wiśniewski.

For over 13 years now Esensja have been consequitively delivering news, reviews, essays and stories to its readers. They provide information not only on literature, but also movies, comic books, music, games and cultural events, covering both mainstream and speculative fiction topics.

More information about the anthology is available in Polish at Esensja’s website.

4 thoughts on “My story in a Polish anthology by Esensja magazine.”

    1. Thanks! I am even more happy as this is the anthology for supporters of a great magazine, which makes it “for the good cause” ;).

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