“When You Shouldn’t be Writing” at 10 Minute Novelists

“When You Shouldn’t be Writing” at 10 Minute Novelists

Recently, 10 Minute Novelists Facebook group was named among “10 Favorite Facebook Groups for Writers” by ProWritingAid. As I contribute to the group as an Admin, it was great to see it listed.

Meanwhile, last Friday my newest guest post appeared at 10 Minute Novelists website. We all know those memes that tell us in so many ways that we should be writing. But what about the times when… we shouldn’t? If you’re wondering whether your procrastination is only a sign of a bigger struggle, check out When You Shouldn’t be Writing.

When You Shouldn't Be Writing - guest post at 10 Minute Novelists

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7 thoughts on ““When You Shouldn’t be Writing” at 10 Minute Novelists

  1. Rest is so important in writing, as in everything. We aren’t machines! And for me, that respite has often lead to some of my better writing sessions and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Kaylena. Apologies for the late reply: I’ve been caught up in the post-move mess, and taking it easy because of my sore wrists. I wholeheartedly agree that taking an intentional break usually helps to come back to writing stronger.

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