Guest Post on 10 Minute Novelists

Guest Post on 10 Minute Novelists

NewsENKatharine Grubb from 10 Minute Novelists invited fellow writers to parcitipate in the “Why I write” series this month, and it’s been my pleasure to write a post for her, so if you’re curious on my thoughts on fantasy, hop over to the page and read my “Fantasy: The (Not So) Easy Genre“.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post on 10 Minute Novelists

  1. Oh, this is a brilliant post, Joanne – I loved it! It certainly summed up my experience and thoughts on writing – and reading this genre. I love the fact that I can open a book by a new author and never quite know what I’ll be getting.

    As for writing – you need to be able to convey a world that no one has ever seen, preferably without pages and pages of description. That challenge, alone, makes this genre easy to write badly and difficult to write well!

    1. Thank you, Sarah!
      And you’re right, one of the greatest skills is to show your world, new and completely different, within just “few” words, instead producing pages upon pages of description. And so many people fail at it miserably (provided they bother with any decent worldbuilding in the first place).

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